"Cow Pals!" Rock Band

These are radio stations that have our "Eskimo Kisses" cd. You can really help out the band by requesting one of our songs, especially if you live close to one of them.

If you don't live close, you can still listen to all of them online. We recommend them all! Just Email, Call, or IM one of the stations and say "hey, can you play Army Navy (or whatever song off the cd you'd like to hear) by Cow Pals. They're a Philly band and I know you have their cd. I KNOW U DO!!!"

91.7 WKDU - Drexel U. - Phila, PA.
(Request Line: 215-895-5917)(AIM: requestWKDU)

WFTE 90.3FM Mt Cobb / 105.7FM Scranton
Go to: and listen anywhere!

103.3 WPRB - Princeton U. - Princeton, NJ
(Request Lines: 609.258.1033 or 609.258.1233)
OR Email them: requests@wprb.com

88.5 WXPN - University of PA - Phila, PA.
(Request Line: 215-573-WXPN) or Email Them: requests@xpn.org

94.1 WYSP - Phila., PA.
(Request Line: 215-592-9494) or go to their online request form here: http://www.94wysp.com/Request-a-song-/1075148.
Especially make requests Sunday at 9pm for the "Loud AND Local" Show!

99.5 WUSR - Scranton U. - Scranton, PA
(Request Line: 570-941-WUSR) (AIM: WUSR)

88.1 WMUC - University of MD. - College Park, MD
(Request Line: (301)314-8800) (or contact the working DJ on AIM:)http://www.wmuc.umd.edu/node/6)

95.3 FM - Harvard University - Cambridge, MA
(Request Line: 617-495-WHRB) (or E-Mail a request for Cow Pals to: mail@whrb.org)

88.3 WSBU - St. Bonaventure Radio - St. Bonaventure, NY
(Request Line: 716-375-2332) (or E-Mail a request for Cow Pals to: musicwsbu@yahoo.com)

88.9 FM "The X" - Monmouth U. Radio - West Long Branch, NJ)
(Request Line: (732)571-3493) (or E-Mail a request for Cow Pals to: wmcxpromo@gmail.com)

98.1 FM KPSU - "Portland Radio" - Portland, OR
(Request Line: (503-725-5945)(or E-Mail a request for Cow Pals to: music.indie@kpsu.com)

90.1 FM "KZSU - "Stanford Radio" - Stanford, CA
(Request Line: (650-723-9010)(or request us to AIM Screenname: KZSUDJ

104.4 FM "Resonance Radio" - London, England
Send a request to hear "Cow Pals" to: info@resonancefm.com

UCLA RADIO - California, USA
(Request Line: (310-825-9999)(or request us to AIM Screenname: bruinradio

WEGL RADIO - Auburn University - Auburn, AL
(Request Line: (334-844-WEGL)

*** If you work for a radio staton and would like a promo copy of any of our releases, email us at: cowpalsmusic@yahoo.com and we'll send you one!
E-Mail us if you would like to suggest a station too!***
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