"Cow Pals!" Rock Band

Cow Pals - Biography

     Cow Pals was formed in early 2009 by Jason Trzaska and Peter Hill as a quirky side project. The goal was to write and record a collection of different sounding songs, built solely around basic casio keyboard drumbeats. The result was Eskimo Kisses, a full-length which they released in Dec. 2009. With their first goal accomplished, they set their sights on new ones. First, they decided to form a full-band. They recruited longtime friend Tank, who used to play in US Funk Team with Jay, to drum for them. 

    The new 4 piece band spent most of 2010 writing and recording new material as well as playing a bunch of shows on the East Coast. They released an EP in Jan. 2011 called "Look Who's Coming" which has been well received critically and spiritually. They released another EP in late May 2011 called "Perfect for any Occasion". The group are currently organizing new material, planning a nationwide tour, and having fun.

      We recently got a new bassist, Mike Krone. He played in Except After Sea with Pete. Tank, however, is no longer in Cow Pals. Even though you may see him in some pictures with the band online, and think you hear him in some of our recordings, he is NOT a member of Cow Pals. I hope this is perfectly clear. We are currently alternating drummers for our live shows.

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